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NSS Stands for National Service Scheme

Motto of N.S.S: “Not me but you”

Goal of N.S.S: Education through community service and community service through education.

Overall objective of N.S.S: Development of student’s personality through community service.

Specific objectives:

(1) To kindle the students social consciousness
(2) To give them opportunities:
          (a) to work with and among people
          (b) to develop awareness and knowledge of social realities.
          (c) to have a concern for the well being of the community, particularly of the
                weaker sections.
(d) to engage themselves in creative and constructive social work.
(e) to put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some social
     problems and in promoting welfare.
(f) to gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.
(g) to gain skills in the programme of development for self-involvement
      during leisure and vacation period far national development.
 (h) to enrich personality.

Rules & Regulations

  • As per the guidelines issued from university time to time, the NSS Unit inthe college will have, as far  as possible be of 100 students, under the charge of one programme Officer.
  • It would be the responsibility of the programme officer of NSS unit in the college to maintain an up to date list of NSS volunteers including number of NSS students along with complete address
  • S.S. Programme Officer in the institution responsible for all the four elements of NSS students, teacher, community and programme.
  • He is of paramount important through the programme, he is to take the students to the community and to bring the community to the students.
  • The overall function of the programme officer is to help students to plan, implement and evaluate the activities of the unit under his charge and give proper guidance and direction to the student volunteers.
  • The programme officer has a pivotal leadership role to perform under the NSS in mediating the large value of the scheme to the students and other members of the college community. By and large he plays the role of an organizer, an educator, a coordinator, a supervisor, an administrator and a public relations person to improve the quality and magnitude of NSS programme in the institution.


1. To prepare the NSS Programme for the year.
2. To evaluate the work of the college unit
3.To enlist student participation.
4. To receive reports of various project sub-committees of NSS.
Constitution  Chairman – Principal
1. Some Staff Members with Social Service background.
2. NSS Student volenters.
3. One or two representative of adopted village/slum development/ welfare agency.
4. NSS Programme Officer-member Secretary.

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